"It was a genuine pleasure meeting new friends, and it was a great group to attend my first
Masters with.  What would have been a great trip under any circumstances was made really
special by having Doug join us.  His knowledge and tales of professional golf were educational
and entertaining."
Steve Bruno
United Mechanical
Oklahoma City                                                                                                                                                             


"Doug Tewell.  What else can you say except 'the ultimate professional'?  Whether at an
outing or during a casual round on the course, he has always gone above and beyond
what was expected.  He truly gives you your monies worth and then some.  Sometimes
you hear tour professionals complain about playing in Pro-Ams.  Not Doug.  I remember
him telling me that playing in a Pro-Am gives him the opportunity to 'make four new
friends.'  A day with Doug Tewell will definitely be one that you will tell all your friends

Bob Crolic
General Manager
Atlanta Classic Cars